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For us as well as our clients, the arrival of fall means that it is time to plan projects for 2017. In this edition, we discuss the 2017 outlook for HCM technology as well as best practices for making your HCM selection and implementation a success. We also take a look at ways to attract Millennials through voluntarism programs and share some of our sustainability activities. If you are a partner of ours, please reach out with a short story for our new column “Partners Corner.” Thank you for your continued positive feedback.


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Human Capital Management Technology Outlook for 2017
According to the Sierra-Cedar, Inc. survey, 40% of organizations report that they are planning a major HCM systems initiative for 2017. Upgrading your HCM system improves productivity, promotes engagement, reduces costs, and tracks key metrics and feeds analytics driving business value. HCM leaders are pursuing a variety of solutions with their business partners including holistic replacement, hosted services, outsourcing, and hybrids/combination. Organizations that adopt an HCM technology solution are reporting better business outcomes and increased revenue per employee.
With cloud based solutions, the financial decision around technology improvement has moved from a capital investment to a continuous change model. Using these tools allows for a more impactful relationship with employees. Trends such as increased transparency, value alignment, and social responsibility require organizations to have improved HCM systems. Employees are consumers of HCM services and solutions that improve user experience drive business value by attracting, retaining, and engaging talent.
As you prepare your organization’s Human Capital Management Roadmap for 2017, how does technology selection and adoption fit into the plan? What are the challenges and opportunities to use HCM technology to support your organizational vision and business strategy? There are many pieces to implementing a successful HCM system such as:

  1. Selecting a system to meet functionality and compliance requirements
  2. Obtaining budget
  3. Identifying vaporware versus actual system capabilities
  4. Ensuring work flow alignment and approval hierarchies
  5. Integrating multiple systems, entities, and vendors
  6. Establishing protocols for manager and employee self service
  7. Understanding configuration versus customization
  8. Communicating the project mission, requirements, timeline, and expectations
While the benefits of selecting the best HCM system for your organization are significant, the adoption and change management processes are challenging. The failure rate for ERP implementations is around 70%. Why? Vendor implementation specialists rarely incorporate process alignment and change management into their project plans. That piece of the puzzle is up to your team. Bridging this gap between vendors and clients is our sweet spot.
From helping to create the HCM strategy and technology roadmap to managing outcome expectation, we help to make your HCM technology selection and implementation a success.
How can HRComputes help you make your project a success?

  1. Develop a human capital management technology roadmap that addresses your organization’s goals and challenges.
  2. Provide guidance around selecting the best HCM technology for your organization.
  3. Provide strategic guidance for process alignment
  4. Facilitate communications and change management
  5. Define success with clearly established goals measured by metrics 
If you are considering an HCM technology upgrade this year, let us help you meet your goals and deliver a successful project on time and within budget.

Attracting Millennial Talent with Voluntarism


An organization’s mission, vision, and culture have a significant impact on the quality of candidates it attracts especially with the millennial-generation. Organizations that wish to attract and retain Millennials need to adopt corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship as a foundational pillar. HCM professionals play an important role in creating policy and strategy to embed environmental and social priorities into people, process, and policy. Skills based voluntarism has been a program that has netted some impactful results.


According to the 2016 Millennial Impact Report, 46% of respondents had actually volunteered for a cause with personal relevance in the past month. While many millennial employees volunteer on their own, they prefer companies that encourage skills based volunteering during work. While these types of programs used to be offered only at large companies, next tier organizations are realizing the benefits. Offering a work time voluntarism program keeps an organization competitive in the millennial talent arena.


For more insights on engaging with Millennials, check out Kris’ piece entitled ”Attracting the Millennial Workforce Using Sustainable Strategy” on the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Human Capital Community of Practice Blog.

Leveraging Sustainable Strategy to Attract, Engage and Retain Your Workforce

On September 29, 2016, Kristina Kohl, MBA, PMP, principal of Becoming Sustainable moderated a panel at the Sustainable Business Initiative Meeting hosted by the NJDEP and Bergen Community College. The panelist included John Queenan, Senior Director of CSR, ADP, Nicole Dube, Outreach Coordinator, NJ Board of Public Utilities, and Nick Lange, Senior Consultant, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation.


Becoming Sustainable, a division of HRComputes, provides people sustainability consulting services. We help organizations create a culture of sustainability through strategic guidance and programs such as Incentive Alignment, D&I, ERG, and Skills Based Voluntarism. For more information visit our website www.becomingsustainable.org.

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